A Day in the Life of a volunteer
There are at least
5 ways to participate
Anything from coming to Latin America and spending some time volounteering with us - finding the most at risk children, preparing them to enter school at the grade which corresponds to their age - and then registering and sponsoring them for the next two years; to using your communication tools and skills to conbvince NGOs & Governments to incorporate what we do into their approach to Education in order to be able to accommodate fthe 20% or more of all children in Latin America who are not receiving education. In a similar way you might helop us recruit volunteers, partners and associates among the community opf NGOs interested in school age children. And ginally you could help us with our need to fund this important work: you could do online or direct fuindraising or even donate.
1 - Volunteer right here. Universities professionals, gap-year, retired folks.
If you like a short term or casual volunteer term just check into a VOLUNTEER HOSTEL and then convince the Vol. coordinator you have what it takes to participate in their best project. Or, if you are a serious candite for long term volunteering apply HERE.
2 - Virtually Volunteer, blog Email, chat, Myspace for Serendip Kids.
.3 -Donate to support this uniquly successful project. More than 100 million children are still waiting for us to arrive.
Sponsor a child, HERE. Organise an sponsored event HERE. Help us open a new Serendipity school, HERE. Co-Sponsor the Serendipity programme in yet another country, HERE.
4 -Bring Things clothes, vitamins school supplies used laptops, send - but bring is better
5 - Get Behind our campaign to persuade Governments to take over our successful system for getting street kids into educational institutions.
We have worked with enough street kids now, over enough years: with an ever growing success rate at getting them our of child labour or off the street and into school (and the life of education) to know that is is one of the most pressing needs of the education system of every country in Latin America (and most poor countries everywhere). Our Mission, you may already have read, is to help ass many street kids as possible, particularly to get educated; and secondarily their mothers. It was never flattered ourselves that we would be able to relieve all the children who urgently need this help. We have developed and proved methods for reaching and bringing relief to these
children - now it is for Governments to take these methods on board and roll them out to the vast number of kids who need this now.
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