Street Kids finding a new life through education.
They have all the same needs as regular kids; and they would be regular kids: were they not bound by fate to a life on the streets.
If you would like to be the one to help her start a normal life you must invest enough to know her, win her trust, be her friend.
We have opened over 40 schools for them, shantys but with very good teachers and Volunteers.
They also need health, security, clothes, advocacy - lots and lots of love.
Whether by the subtlety of our little children´s theatres or by the dynamic
of team sports we work with our lovely damaged kids day by day putting them together again.
preserving the unity of what family is left to them, even if only their sibliongs. Many already have rich character values
some grow quickly, others are harder to reach and will need more time.
If you lleave disappointed it will not be because the children gave you less than all they have.
Over time we have bought thousands of uniforms for the ones we are getting into education.

Volunteering with Serendipity Street - sponsored by Agenda SOS. Original art © SERENDIPITY kIDS all rights reserved.