SERENDIPITY KIDS, Street Children reising throughout Latin America

Street Children

There are too many now
to help each one.
Knowing they are out there however
and that they suffer
compells one to do something
if only a little
to relieve them.
Or how should we face ourselves at the hour of our death confessing
we did nothing. .....Bruce

Children have the right to be fed, clothed, sheltered and educated by their parents. When parents are unable or unwilling to do this then society must intervene.
Bruce Organization exists to feed, clothe and educate children who have been let down by their parents. Emphasis on education: to help as many of the poorest children in the
third world as we can to receive as good an education as their circumstances permit. To do all we can to befriend them, motivate them to want to get educated, to help with their nutritional, medical, psychological, clothing and family well-being: and finally to get them into as good an educational institution as we can find for them. To fulfill this mission we are prepared to feed, clothe, teach, nurture, pay for some of their school costs and work with their families to make certain they have as stable a home environment as possible in order to apply themselves to learning. In the places we work many of the poorest children have only a single parent at home, an abandoned mother. Our mission includes working to improve the prospects and quality of life of abandoned mothers. Starting with the mothers of our children.
Volunteering with Serendipity Street - sponsored by Bruce Organisation . Original art © Bruce Organisation all rights reserved.